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Editorial Board of the collection `Public Administration and Local Government` accepts articles for publication

The main headings of the collection of research papers are:
• Theory and history of Public Administration;
• Public administration mechanisms;
• Civil Service;
• Local Government.

Requirements to the article structure.
• full name authors,
• the abstract, keywords: 7-8 items,
• problem definition,
• analysis of the research and publications,
• the purpose of the research,
• the main material,
• conclusions.

Please highlight the titles of these sections.
Technical requirements. Articles are accepted by e-mail izdat@vidr.dp.ua. The requirements for the text format ¬ A4, margins ¬ 2 cm, the size of the symbol (body size) ¬ 14, the interval ¬ 1.5. Please use Microsoft Word (.doc). Please use the table Microsoft Word (.doc). Tables and drawing are placed in the text just after its first reference. They should be mentioned and numbered consecutively (e.g. Table 1). Please provide an informative title at the top of the table. Each column should carry a brief heading. Tables will be reproduced in the journal as presented in the final submission. Please do not insert huge tables, which cannot be fit within the page margins. Please use MS Excel to design graphs and diagrams.

Information about the author includes: full name, academic rank and degree, job position, e-mail, postal address, official title of scientific institution and its address.

The text must be original, not printed before.
The collection of research papers is being indexed in Google Scholar